4th of July Parade by Annamarie Koster 2

This past Wednesday was the 4th of July.  Granite Springs had the opportunity to enter a float in the Lincoln Parade which took place in downtown Lincoln.  20 enthusiastic volunteers were able to walk in the parade.  The volunteers represented almost every age group from toddler to high school to adult.  The marchers really showed the range and diversity of ages that Granite Springs has in our community.  The morning of the parade, everyone gathered in anxious anticipation near our float to march in the parade.  Everyone had the chance to help decorate the float.  We drove a Lexus SUV with Granite Springs signs and gold stars on it.  Plus, all of the kids were able to decorate their scooters or bikes that they rode in the parade.  There were many spectators at the parade.  We even saw some members of Granite Springs and gave them a “woot woot!”  Overall, we were able to pass out two buckets of candy and 500 Music and Drama camp fliers.  Even though our float didn’t win, everyone had a blast and we were able to get the word out about Granite Springs.  Thank you for your support and if you want to see pictures you can see them on the Granite Springs website.

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