What is Advent?

Advent is the first season of the Christian calendar, a way of marking the year and helping us remember and live into the story of Jesus. Advent is not the Christmas season (that gets 12 days of its own starting on December 25), but helps prepare us for the Christmas season. It’s often called a season of “waiting” as we wait for Jesus’s coming both in our world and in our lives.

Ways to Engage Advent

As we enter Advent, we are looking forward to worshiping, reflecting and journeying together through this season where we anticipate the coming of Jesus. Below you can find a number of different ways to engage with this season.

Spotify Playlist

Listen to a curated playlist of Advent music with more songs added each Sunday of the season.

Prayer Walks

Throughout this season, Granite Springs staff will be leading guided prayer walks through the labyrinth on Wednesdays at 12pm. Or you can walk on your own using the guide here.

Prayer Liturgy

We invite you to join us in praying together using a common form. You can find the liturgy below and we encourage you to use it during this season.

Scripture Reading

Below you can find a list of each week’s Scripture passages. Plus, join us for morning prayer most Mondays through Thursdays at 9am for more Scripture.

Services & Scripture

Weekly Scriptures

December 3, 2023 (First Sunday of Advent): Isaiah 64:1-9

December 10, 2023 (Second Sunday of Advent): Isaiah 40:1-11

December 17, 2023 (Third Sunday of Advent): Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

December 24, 2023 (Fourth Sunday of Advent – morning): Isaiah 62:6-12

December 24, 2023 (Christmas Eve – evening): Isaiah 9:1-6

Prayer Liturgy

Here is a way to pray through the themes of Advent in your own life, using a form shared across our church community.

Jesus our Messiah,

[Bring to God some areas in your life by naming them that feel empty or lacking in love.]

With love and compassion,
come, Lord Jesus.

[Name events or ongoing things in our world that point to the brokenness around us. Ask God for forgiveness for the ways you participate in the world’s brokenness.]

With judgment and mercy,
come, Lord Jesus.

[Name areas of your life or things in the world that feel stuck, immovable. Ask God for his power to open possibilities and for his light to shine.]

In power and glory,
come, Lord Jesus.

[Ask God to remind you of the good news of his grace. If you are seeking wisdom for a particular situation, name that here. You can also pray for wisdom for leaders of all kinds.]

In wisdom and truth,
come, Lord Jesus.


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