Baptismal Identity: The Psalms and You

As part of our worship grant “Baptismal Identity and the Psalms” you’re invited to a faith experiment with you and the psalms. We’re looking for families, couples, and single folks of all ages to participate in a three month experience with the psalms. Here are some options you might choose:

  • Read five psalms a day for 30 days (the entire Psalter each month)
  • Read the same one psalm for 30 days (meditation)
  • Memorize a few psalms (the classic ones might be Psalm 1, 23, 46, 100 and 117) as an individual or family.
  • Make something up yourself!

We’ll supply encouragement and help.  You’ll get your choice of three books to help you begin (The Message translation of the psalms, Psalms for Young Children by M. Delval, or 150: Finding Your Story in the Psalms by Pastor Kevin Adams) and a $25 Amazon gift certificate when you turn in a (very non-formal) journal after the three months.

Click here to sign-up or pick up a sign-up sheet at the church office.

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