Bryan Van Soelen at Encounter Church

“My name is Bryan Van Soelen, and I’m a church planter at Encounter Church in Kentwood, Michigan.  I like to say that Granite Springs is parent to Encounter Church.  I was opened up to the world of church planting by Kevin Adams while doing a residency at Granite Springs in the summer of 2010.  When I returned to Michigan, God opened a door for me to help plant Encounter Church in the fall of 2010.  Now that I’ve finished my seminary degree, I’ve taken a more permanent position at Encounter as the Pastor or Worship and Community Life.  My work is about encouraging people to become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.  We have lots of young families and a bunch of college students who are looking to restart a relationship with Jesus or to meet him for the first time, and it’s my joy to be a part of that. Granite Springs, thank you so much for your generosity and continued support of my work at Encounter Church. I hope to see you soon!”

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