Epiphany: Bless the Homes
In this season of Epiphany, join us in this ancient tradition of blessing our homes to be places of light, hospitality, and grace.

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In Epiphany, we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Light of the World. We pray that his light would reach the whole world, including our homes. That’s why each Epiphany, we invite you to participate in “Bless the Homes.” It’s an opportunity to pray and intentionally welcome Jesus into the places we cook and laugh, watch television and have hard conversations.

We would love to bless your home. Sign up via the button above and we’ll reach out to set up a time to do an outdoor visit.

What does a house blessing look like?

A pastor and/or elder or deacon from the church will come to your home. While standing outside, masked, we will pray a litany together as well as pray for any particular requests or needs you may have.

If you would like, we can also participate in a long-time Christian practice of chalking the front door with the year and letters CMB (they stand for the traditional names of the magi, as well as an acronym in Latin for “May Christ bless the home”). This practice is a way of reminding us of God’s hospitality and generosity to us, and the invitation to be hospitable people ourselves.

I’ve participated in Bless the Homes in the past, should I sign up again?

We bless the homes each year because it’s a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the way that God interacts with our daily lives. As such, we encourage you to repeat the practice, not because God’s blessing “wears out” in any way, but because we need regular (at least annual!) reminders of his goodness.

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