Does Business Matter to God?

Consider this parable…Three students make an appointment with their pastor for career advice.  The first students wants to go to law school.  The pastor says, “That’s good.  A career in law make sense because God cares about justice.”  The second student wants to be a doctor.  The pastor says, “That’s good.  A career in medicine makes sense because God cares about healing.”  The third student is considering a career in business.  The pastor says…???  It is an unfinished parable.

Many professionals may wonder, “Does the church or Jesus have anything to say about business?  Some have said…

  1. Business is business.  Christians just try to be nicer about it.  Jeff Van Duzer calls this “Enron with a smile.”
  2. Business work is second class spiritual work.  Instead, sell a business and serve the church, the poor, the underprivileged.  Pursue a career in a helping profession—which incidentally usually doesn’t include business.
  3. Business activity itself is neutral.  A business person’s real contribution is to make money so that money can be given away.

Sure business has an instrumental purpose,

  • to make money and then give it away.
  • A platform from which to do other good.

But more importantly author Jeff Van Duzer believes it has an intrinsic purpose.  He believes that the activities of analyzing balance sheets, manufacturing products, marketing goods, and providing performance reviews in and of themselves furthers God’s kingdom!  Come find out how.

Join us for 8 Sundays starting February 26 during the 9:00am service.  We will be using the book.  “Why Business Matters to God” by Jeff Van Duzer  (Dean of the Business School at Seattle Pacific University).


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