“Exploring the Way” Adult Education Opportunity

Beginning on September 25, for seven weeks, Margaret Dobbs will be facilitating an adult education opportunity at Granite Springs.   Come for the 9:00 am service then join Margaret at 10:30 in the adult education room.  What is exploring the way?  Here’s Margaret in her own words…

What is Exploring the Way?

Exploring the Way is a short-term class of 7 weeks using the book Exploring the Way: An Introduction to the Spiritual Journey. At some point in our lives, many of us face the questions of “who am I really” and “why am I here.” Growing in awareness of who I truly am down deep inside of me – in my thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions – is the spiritual journey. This class offers a place and a resource for people to seek “something more” in their lives. Discussion and openness to questions will create a sense of community and encourage participants to practice being more aware of God’s presence each day.

What brought you to the realization you are on a spiritual journey?

Looking back I see that my journey started when, in my early 20’s, I read Psalm 40 and realized that the longing in my heart could be met by the promise of God. God promised to lift me up from the desolate pit, place my feet on a rock and put a song of praise in my mouth. I found comfort in the promise that God wanted good for me. Another part of my journey started years later when I was invited by a friend to come to her church. There I found encouraging people who wanted to know me. I became part of a supportive community. Eventually I realized that God was leading me to find fulfillment not in my career but in my relationship with God. That’s when I started participating in my spiritual journey.

Why do you want to offer this class?

I want to encourage others to spend time in God’s presence and find joy in God’s promises. A few years ago I participated in a 28-week Companions in Christ spiritual formation small group at my church in So Cal. I found the experience life giving and life changing. I want to offer others a similar experience. So in looking for a book to use in a class, I decided to look for a similar resource without the time commitment. Exploring the Way is an introduction to the spiritual journey in just 7 weeks. I like the combination of giving information and listening to experiences of others on their spiritual journeys.

Who is the class for?

Hopefully a variety of adults – men, women, singles, married (come alone or with your spouse), parents of children (childcare is available as usual on Sunday morning), empty nesters, retired. The class is offered for those who are ready to practice ways of growing in awareness of who they are in God’s presence – beloved children with lots of potential! Information will be offered but the reward will come as each person participates in discussion, does the exercises and shares personal experiences within a caring community as each one feels comfortable. There will be homework of 1-2 hours during the week. The ideal group size is 6-12 people. We’ll see who God is inviting to come and welcome all who come.

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