Groups at Granite Springs

At Granite Springs, we believe that groups are one of the most powerful ways to connect people to each other and to God.  There are a variety of groups within the community of Granite Springs that encourage, support and connect people.  To find out more about any group, use our contact form.

Wednesday Night Worship and Prayer

Each week come and join us for Wednesday Night Worship and Prayer.  Open to all.  We meet at 7:00 PM at Granite Springs Church.  You are welcome to drop-in anytime.  Hope to see you there.

M.O.P.S.  (Mother’s of Preschoolers)

MOPS exists to meet the needs of every mom – all who share a similar desire be the very best moms they can be!  MOPS recognizes that the years from infancy through kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs.  Granite Springs MOPS meets from September to May every second and fourth Thursday morning of the month.


Is for all those age 55 or better and beyond the child rearing years.  Gathers monthly from September to May for fun, food, and fellowship.  Group is always open to new members. Upcoming Events.

Women’s Ministry

Meets periodically for fun, food and fellowship.  Group is always open to new members.

Adult Education

Meets during the first service in the Adult education room.  It is intended to augment Sunday worship attendance.  Topics very every 6-8 weeks.  Group is always open to new members.

Small Groups

There are a variety of small groups that meet through the week in (mostly) homes.  To find out more about joining a small group, please use our contact form.

What is a small group?

We gather on Sundays to worship corporately. Many of us gather together in homes regularly. We call these small groups. Small groups provide an opportunity for your spiritual journey to go deeper quicker. You experience care, prayer, community and an opportunity to study the Bible together.  Many people feel like they belong to Granite Springs because they also belong to a small group.

How do groups study the Bible?

Many people find meaning in life by attaching it to a larger story line; such as immigrants from Asia or Europe hanging on to pieces of their ethnic culture (language, cooking, customs), people born in Minnesota becoming lifelong Vikings fans even though they’ve lived most of their life in California. A small group invites you to make sense of your own life story through the ancient, life-giving story of the Bible.

The Bible can seem odd at first. It can feel as strange as arriving in Paris without knowing any French and trying to navigate the elaborate public transit system. For other readers, the Bible seems too familiar. They are convinced that they already know its story. Maybe they have already rejected it as too binding and restrictive. Maybe rule-oriented people have presented the Bible to them as a set of commandments to guide their life. Watching such principles lived out only left them feeling cold and angry.

At Granite Springs, we believe the Bible is the greatest story ever told.

We hope the Bible begins to feel like opening a family album with strange uncles, weird cousins, and majestic great aunts who keep the family together in adversity. Maybe you’ll want to make this story your own.