Giving Transition

With our shift in online giving platforms, we’re asking all recurring givers, to move their gifts from Clover to Subsplash. Below is a guide to walk you through this process. Thank you for your generosity to Granite Springs Church!

Cancel Recurring Gift on Clover Platform

  1. Go to our Clover Giving website (opens in new tab).
  2. Click sign in, and sign in with your username and password. 
  3. On your account page, click “Scheduled” (by Give Now).
  4. Below your recurring gift, click the trash can (red box in the image).
  5. On the dialogue box that shows up, click “Stop This Payment.”

Note: You may have gifts that you scheduled to stop in the future, be sure to cancel those as well. Regardless of the settings in Clover, you will not be charged for any recurring gifts on that platform after July 10, 2019.

Set Up Recurring Gift on Subsplash

  1. Below, add a new gift by clicking the “0” and adding an amount.
  2. Select the frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.).
  3. If you want the gift to start in the future, click on the date that shows up below the frequency bar.
  4. Click next. You’ll be taken to a secure website and prompted to create a new account. Once you do that (only takes a few seconds) and submit the new gift, you’re all done!
    • Note: If you link a bank account (which lowers processing fees even more!), you’ll walk through a two-step verification process to ensure security. You can read more about that process here.
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