Gospel Preaching Course Held at GS 1

Students from Calvin Seminary, as well as many other local pastors and church planters, recently participated in a Calvin Seminary class held here at Granite Springs. This class was taught by our very own Kevin Adams on the topic of “Gospel Preaching,” focusing especially on how the gospel can be preached in vastly differing contexts.

So, what exactly is this “gospel message?” And how exactly can it be brought to this wide and diverse group of people living in a place like Northern California?

Students from Michigan, California church planters, local church employees, and even others who participated in this class wrestled with questions like these all throughout their time spent at GS, learning that the answers to these fundamental questions aren’t simple one-sentence answers, but are actually quite complicated and sophisticated. Throughout this process, class participants spent time learning, discussing, and presenting. As a result, they ultimately ended up developing their “personal preaching voices” in big and small ways through the class’s many exciting experiences.

These exciting experiences included in-class presentations on different famous preachers, sessions spent listening to full sermons by great speakers like Martin Luther King Jr., a visit to San Francisco and time spent there learning about her culture, and even actually preaching a sermon at a local Sacramento area church.

All in all, everyone who participated in the class, whether as professor, speaker, mentor, or student, grew in uncountable ways through this fantastic experience. Many gained valuable knowledge and preaching resources, built great and lasting relationships, learned about what it means to preach the gospel in different settings, and even grew in their preaching abilities.

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