How to Read the Bible for all it’s Worth 3

Dr. Wiema’s presentation today was well organized, funny, and very worthwhile!  Having had Dr. Wiema as a professor in seminary, (1) I realized that I had remembered his teachings these past ten years and reference them often in my work as a pastor.  And (2) I can say honestly that  enjoyed the privilege of being able to hear him again.  Both must be marks of a great teacher.

But I’d now love to hear your reactions to today’s seminar.  You’re encouraged to leave a comment below.

What did you like?

What did you learn?

What were you challenged by?

Anything you disagree with?

Doug Bouws (Pastor of Hospitality)

Not able to attend today?  Links to the audio recording and the handouts are below.  (hint: it’s well worth having the handouts in front of you as you listen.  The handouts contain the power point slides from the sessions.)

Audio from today’s seminar

Notes from session one.

Notes from session two.

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3 thoughts on “How to Read the Bible for all it’s Worth

  • Michelle

    I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this event at Granite Springs Church. Thanks to Dr. Wiema for coming all the way out here to provide a very useful seminar.

    I particularly liked the session Dr. Wiema dedicated to talking about Paul’s letters. It was good to have a reminder that we need to take into account what genre of literature we happen to be reading when we turn to a certain book in the Bible (or letter, as the case may have it). I think it adds a fascinating dimension to the reading of the Bible to see in detail the personal (and sometimes amusing!) touches that Paul put into his letters. While I’m sure some may disagree, I think it is good to examine the human aspect behind the writing of the New Testament, because it is evidence that even the newborn church struggled with how to behave as a congregation and with how to interact with the surrounding culture. Dr. Wiema did a good job pointing out the ways in which Paul’s instruction is just as relevant to the modern-day Christian’s struggles.

    One thing I learned was that theological study can mean that you are looking all throughout the Bible for evidence for your argument. Of course, I have “known” what theology meant for many years now, but I have never heard its definition put quite in that way. But it’s true – the way we constructed our theological doctrines in the first place was by studying the WHOLE Bible to understand what God has told us THROUGHOUT time. I learned from this seminar that if a certain passage, such as the passage about answering a fool in his folly from Proverbs, doesn’t make a lot of sense, chances are there is another verse in the Bible that will inform it and add to our understanding.

    Overall, a very practical seminar! Thanks for hosting, Granite Springs!

  • Ben Lovelace

    I really enjoyed Dr. Wiema’s teaching yesterday. He was very clear and concise. He covered all the essentials of how to study the bible properly. I especially appreciated his exposition of Paul’s letter to Philemon, brilliant! Thank you SLN for bringing Dr. Wiema to Northern California. I would also like to encourage those who were there yesterday to share this audio link with friends and family.

  • Cheryl

    This workshop was one of the most informative, helpful and enjoyable that I have ever attended. Using the principles of interpretation that Dr. Weima introduced will certainly help me in my study of the Bible and in turn aid me in my growth as a believer and follower of Jesus.