Iconic Life: Baptism & Music

This past weekend the Iconic Life: Baptism & Music seminar was held as part of our Worship Renewal Grant on Psalm-Based Baptismal Identity. The goal of the day was to explore what it means to lead worship in light of baptismal identity.

After an opening worship service, Rev. Dr. Christopher Flesoras, the pastor of Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church gave an opening talk about the early Church’s understanding of Iconography, Hymnography, and baptism. Breakout sessions led by Luke Brodine from East Bay, Chad Meeuwse from Modesto, and Philip and Sarah Majorins from Davis focused on topics such as the Psalms, congregational singing, church choirs, and the use of technology. Following a closing session by Luke Brodine on singing our baptism, the day ended in worship and a celebration of communion.

As a whole, the day provided a beautiful opportunity to live into baptismal identity and to connect with other pastors and worship leaders and musicians from across Central California.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event be sure to check out some of the resources available from the event here.

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More pictures from the event can be found on flickr

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