July 8th Social by Annamarie Koster 1

Sunday, July 8th was an exciting day for Granite Springs.  Everyone had the opportunity to hear KJ VanEk preach a wonderful sermon.  Plus, after the second service, Granite Springs had the 4th of July Church Social.  In the week prior to the social, I bought lots of food and made many of the children’s games.  The only thing left to do was to serve the food and set up the tables and chairs.  Many people helped out with quickly moving tables and chairs in the sanctuary after the second service.  Then the congregation was able to eat lots of good food.  We had hamburgers, hotdogs, salad, and ice cream sundaes.  While the adults sat and ate in the sanctuary, they got to listen to a great band.  The most exciting part of the social was definitely the kid’s games.  We had a crazy cake walk, a bean bag toss, a sucker tree, and a soda pop ring toss.  The kids had tons of fun! We were able to give away 84 cupcakes, 240 dumdum suckers, and a huge bag of candy as prizes.  The July Social was a great time for adults to socialize and listen to great music and for kids to play some fun games.  It was so fun! Thank you so much to the many volunteers who helped cook, set up, run games, and serve!

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