Lots Going on in Youth Ministry at GS!!

This Sunday marks the beginning of our 2011-2012 Youth Ministry Calendar Year. There’s a lot going on this year at GS, especially in our youth programs, and so we just wanted to let you in on a few of these changes and plans!

Looking ahead to this coming ministry season, we’re excited to announce that Vasa Lokteff, going on his 3rd year serving as JH Youth Leader, recently began his teaching career at Community Christian School in Lincoln as a 6th-8th grade teacher. While this new direction will certainly change his role at GS, Vasa will still remain on staff, and is excited to see how his exceptional team of volunteers will take this opportunity to step up and help out while he begins his first year as a teacher at CCS. He greatly appreciates your prayers through this busy period of his life.

Another big change this season revolves around Sam Yohannes’ transition out of leadership in the High School program. Sam has always been a pretty busy guy, and with his most recent venture into starting a small business, he decided it might be time to step down as the High School Youth Leader at GS. So, KJ Van Ek will be filling in for a year as an Interim High School Youth Leader. KJ hopes to spend this year learning and growing with GS students, and also hopes to create a sustainable and lasting youth ministry program for those who might lead the program in the future.

In addition to his role as Interim High School Youth Leader, KJ is also hoping to use some of this summer’s momentum to continue to build a college-age group that will outlast the summer months. This program is still in its infancy stages, but it is our hope to create a vibrant and involved culture of college age folks who can join with the GS community in new and exciting ways.

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