Meet Braden and Kelsi Kok

Tell us about yourself Braden.  What should we know? 

I grew up in Washington and I am excited to be moving back to the west coast.  I started Calvin College with plans of graduating with a business degree, but God had different plans.  I am about to finish Calvin Seminary and I have served as the youth pastor at a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the past 3 years.  The word shy or introvert has never been described in any form of association with me.  I like to have fun and try new things.  I am also a die hard Seattle sports fan, so I apologize now for when they play any bay area team cause I will flaunt it when we win!  I also have a love of coffee–especially Starbucks, and I am always up for grabbing a cup with anybody who wants to get coffee.

Tell us about yourself Kelsi.  What should we know? 

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, am the youngest of four and the only girl. This means I grew up playing sports and hanging with my brothers whenever they let me.  I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in nursing.  I currently work at a hospital in the Grand Rapids area and I am about to begin the search for a job in Sacramento.  If anybody has a nursing job they want to offer me I would love it.  I am also looking at going back to school soon to become a family nurse practitioner, with the hopes of someday working in a clinic to help the underserved. I’m also not really shy, in most situations anyways, and I love to have fun and hang out with anybody who will talk to me. Braden introduced me to the wonders of coffee but I’m still not a die hard Seattle fan.

What are you most excited about/afraid of as you think about your first year in your new role?

The thing that we are most excited about is going where God has called us, and beginning this next step together.  We are also extremely excited about not having winter for 6-8 months a year.

I (Kelsi) am excited about beginning a new job.  I am afraid of leaving my family and my home, especially my niece Lucy.

What attracted you to California and the Sacramento area?

The thing that most attracted us to California was Kevin’s wink. (if you have experienced it, you understand)  Honestly the thing that attracted me the most to the Sacramento area was coming out for the Gospel Preaching class in January and seeing first hand what is going on.  Seeing everything that Granite Springs and the cluster is doing is contagious and was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Give us a picture of the kind of church you imagine to start someday?  What are your hopes and dreams?

Wow this is one that I don’t think I can keep to a few words, but I throw a few thoughts out there.  We hope to be a church that reaches out and is actively involved in its community.  We want to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those we encounter. We want to be a church that emphasizes the importance of every person.  We hope that when people come to our church they are able to fall in love with God and feel like they are finally home.

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