Music & Drama Camp 2012: SUCCESS!!

Well, the 12th Annual Music & Drama Camp at Granite Springs Church is officially OVER, and it was a huge success! There were tons of kids, parents, and volunteers involved in this year’s camp, and everyone involved had a great time. Kids sang, coaches taught, snack servers served, administrators administrated, and parents… well, they enjoyed a bit of extra free time while their kids were at camp.

This year’s musical was written by a former worship pastor at Granite Springs, and was a Hawaiian spin on the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible. During the week, the kids who participated in the camp learned songs, lines, and blocking for this musical, and then performed it this past Sunday in front of their parents and the GS community after only one week of practicing.

This year’s performance was a blast, and the kids did a GREAT job. There were lots of proud parents. For anyone interested, DVD order forms are available in the atrium at GS and cost $5 each. They will be available for pickup on August 19.

In the meantime, you can check out this video of the week and all its happenings by clicking this link.

Thanks to all who were involved in this fun and exciting week, and please join us next year as we look forward to our 13th Annual Music & Drama Camp!

KJ Van Ek
Music & Drama Camp Coordinator
AKA “The Big Kahuna”

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