My First Day at Granite Springs.

Do you remember the first day you walked through the doors of Granite Springs Church?  Perhaps it was quite recently.  Perhaps, it was a long time ago.

My first day at Granite Springs was July 29, 2001.  Sheri and I had been married for just over a year.  We had no kids.  I was a seminary intern about to embark on a twelve month internship.  Granite Springs was meeting in a warehouse on Cincinnati Avenue in Rocklin at the time.

The platform on that first Sunday was full of camping gear.  There was a backpack, some hiking boots, a small fire—well, not a real fire thankfully.  But a mockup of a campfire.  And of course a tent.  The message series centered on the life of David—the future king who often found himself on the run in the wilderness.  As we gathered to pray for that service that day—the musicians, the singers and maybe an usher or two—someone suggested that I hide in that tent.  Well that’s quite an idea!  I had actually thought of it myself, but didn’t really dare suggest it. J  So there it was…I hide in that tent until the time of the children’s message.  Then come out and speak to the kids.  Yes, I had been given the assignment to offer a message to the children the night before.  Say something to introduced yourself, Kevin had said.  And feel free to tie in some of your camping experience too.  Sure, I said.  (We now give children’s message volunteers a couple weeks to prepare.  What a luxury!)  “Well OK”, I thought.  Here we go!

The kids were invited up front to the platform by the music leader.  But when they arrived on stage, there was no one to lead the children’s message.  Then, I started making yawning noises from inside that tent.  And out I popped—like a girl in a birthday cake?  Well not exactly!  But pretty crazy nonetheless.  Sheri and I felt warmly welcomed on that first day.  We received a basket of food as a housewarming gift.  People introduced themselves to us.  Even then, we knew we belonged.

Perhaps the first time you darkened the door of a church—any church, you weren’t looking to make such a conspicuous entrance—by coming out of a tent!  Quite likely you hoped to remain “under the radar.”  Maybe you were looking to meet some friends.  Or perhaps you had unspoken, unarticulated spiritual longings you hoped to fill.  Somewhere along the way something happened and you stuck.  We’re glad you’re here!  We’d love to hear your stories too.  Granite Springs is celebrated 20 years of being church this April.  It’s 20 years full of joy, full of mess, full of life on track and life in the wilderness.  Today or anytime in the next month, tell us your story right here.

Doug Bouws, Pastor of Hospitality, Granite Springs Church

Happy 20th Birthday Granite Springs!  And don’t forget to check out the events below.

This Sunday…Happy Birthday!

Cake Cutting, Stories and Pictures.

April 8  Easter—bring a friend.

April 15  Deep Roots:  Anniversary Lunch— Celebrating 20 years of grace and new churches planted in the Sacramento region.*

April 22  New Branches:  Lincoln hispanic ministry and church planting residency starting this summer!

April 29  A Birthday Present for Granite Springs—new gathering spaces for young and old, play area and patio  landscaping.

May 6  Vision Offering:  Celebration and pledge day.

* RSVP by e-vite, on the blue connection card, or email

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