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As summer approaches parents are often looking for camps, activities and experiences to entertain, enrich and expand a child’s world.  My own kids will be participating in activities of this type including Granite Springs Music and Drama Camp.  In addition, we offered our kids a challenge this summer–Something to keep their mind sharp, to expand their world and most importantly to write the words of God on their hearts.  We’ve challenged them to memorize passages from the Bible.

This is not the first time they’ve memorized something from the Bible.  As a family we’ve memorized Psalm 100, Psalm 121 and Psalm 1 in years past .  We’ve also memorized Luke 2 together at Christmas time.  For this summer, we’ve given each of them three passages to memorize and offered a reward for each one.  Awards might include a special date with Mom or Dad, a trip to the ice cream store, $5, or a miniature golf game at Sunsplash.  The summer is young, but they’ve begun with a bit of enthusiasm.  I’m eager to see what happens come fall.  While memorizing anything often strikes fear in the hearts of adults, it doesn’t have to be that way for kids (or anyone for that matter:)).  The beauty of memorization is that the words of God have become a part of you.  They are with you when you pray.  They are with you on a hike in the woods.  They are with you as you experience the joy and the sadness of life.  They are a gift you carry whereever you go.

Want to challenge your own kids to memorize passages from the Bible, but not sure where to start?  Here’s some suggestions that will take you through the summer and beyond.

Start here…

  • If you’ve never memorized a passage from the Bible before, start with Psalm 100.  It is a favorite of many, only five verses and a chorus of gratitude. 
  • Psalm 121 is another favorite to memorize and assures us of God’s presence everywhere.
  • Psalm 23 is another favorite Psalm of many.

Then here…

  • Luke 2: 1-20  The story of Jesus birth.
  • Perhaps you know The Lord’s Prayer already (at least partially).  Take time to learn it completely.
  • Matthew 28: 1-10  The story of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • Psalm 1.

Then here…

  • Matthew 11: 28-30
  • The books of the Old Testament in order.
  • The books of the New Testament in order.
  • Psalm 103
  • The Apostle’s Creed
  • Psalm 8

Give it a shot and feel free to share your experiences here.


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2 thoughts on “Parents—a summer challenge for your kids.

  • Doug Bouws

    Yes, Sophia learned Psalm 100 when she was four years old. We just had her repeat it to us at the dinner table–line by line. Katie who just turned four has learned Psalm 100 the easy way. We often use these psalms as prayers before dinner. She learned it just from hearing us pray it over and over. It’s kind of cute because she has picked it up from what she hears and apparently we must mumble a bit as we say it together. She’s created some new “words” by running them together.