Pictures from Palm Sunday and Spring Clean up Day 1

We give thanks for our kids and their enthusiasm last Sunday in the Palm Branch parade and with the Granite Kids’ special guests.  Click the links to view hundreds more pictures on Flickr.

And scroll down to view a slide show from the spring clean up day last Saturday.



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One thought on “Pictures from Palm Sunday and Spring Clean up Day

  • Doug Bouws

    Forgot to mention that Donna Ross coordinated the Spring Clean up day representing the “Making Our Lives Count” group. Also a big Thanks to Titus Davis who makes so many facilities decisions. And of course the 50 so so volunteers who showed up last Saturday. I was struck even today that there were people here all week washing windows, planting flowers, mowing the fields, stuffing mailers, and worship folders–much like happens every week. Granite Springs wouldn’t exist without the hundreds of volunteers that make our community happen. thank-you!