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Have you been making use of the Granite Springs prayer devotional this Spring?  Our hope is that this is a great tool for encouraging and inviting you into a life of prayer.  Here’s how it works for me.  Honestly, I don’t get to it everyday.  That’s ok for me.  My goal is not to make sure I hit it every day.  Some days, I read backwards a few days to see what I missed.  Sometimes, I just reflect on the prayer for the day.  I’m encouraged because whatever prayer I read, it always hits upon an area that is close to my heart.  Of course so much of what happens at Granite Springs is close to my heart.  But it’s also encouraging because I know the words of the prayer have been written, not by me, but by others for whom the topic is close.  I am reminded again that there are others who share this vision.  And there are others, many others, who are praying for the work of Granite Springs to find fruit in our community.

How amazing that together God has given us this amazing gift called Granite Springs Church.  We’re not perfect by any stretch.  But we do have a spirit that I believe is contagious.  And we have a mission that is compelling…of connecting people from all spiritual backgrounds to the life-giving message of grace through Jesus Christ.

How have you been affected by our prayer devotional this Spring?  Feel free to share your thoughts.

Doug Bouws–Pastor of Hospitality, Granite Springs Church.

Click to link to the prayer devotional. By the way, we are currently in Week 5.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Devotional Thoughts…

  • Pamela Pratt

    Hi everyone:
    I just wanted to say thanks for the prayer journal! I keep it with my bible and study books. I normally open it at the start of my quiet time in the morning. It blesses me to remember my sisters and brothers at Granite Springs who have offered these prayers, and it’s a neat way to begin my bible reading time. Our Tuesday night women’s prayer and bible study group contributed the devotion and prayers for week 2. I’ve enjoyed reading the prayers and thoughts for the other weeks. It’s been a neat way for us to feel connected to everyone else. Thanks again!

  • Vasa

    I have been praying for the Church near and far this week. Its interesting to think about all the Christians all over the world. Christians in different cultures. It can be so encouraging to experience the faith of followers of Christ from different nations. Sometimes it is hard for us to see past Christian pop-culture in America. But we follow a God that transcends culture, heck he transcends space and time! That is awesome.

    I always pray for North Korea. Mainly because I became a Christian in Asia and I have seen the deep longing the people there have for Jesus. Today’s prayer really spoke to me as I began to pray. Especially the parts about restoration and freedom for all the churches of the world. When God begins to move in a nation, then relationships will be restored and the people will rise up and claim freedom. My hope is that we will see that happen in North Korea and China very very soon.