and Mt. Hermon: A Match made in Santa Cruz by KJ Van Ek 2

This past weekend, our high school youth program, AKA “,” had the pleasure of attending Mt. Hermon’s Winter Weekend #2… and it was a BLAST.

We goofed off, played foursquare, met new people, built relationships with one another, worshiped together, ate great food, and played awesome group games all weekend long!

It was a phenomenal trip and the students who attended had an incredible time. Honestly, the list of crazy-cool things we did all weekend could go on and on into infinity, but we’ll leave you with the brief description above for now.

Anyways, in addition to all the fun we had, we also learned a few valuable life lessons. The main message this weekend was all about “Living in Color.” The big idea was that when we live without regard to Christ’s presence in our lives, we are choosing to live in black and white. But when we open our lives to him, our whole world turns upside down, and fills with vibrant and exciting color. Basically, “the Jesus way” to live is much better than “the (insert name here) way” to live.

So, everything was great! But that’s not the end of the story. Oftentimes, after camps and retreats like this, students (and even leaders!) leave with a heightened sense of excitement about their faith, and their relationship with God feels stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, life happens, and the descent from these “spiritual mountaintops” into life’s many valleys can be somewhat depressing.

So, if you’re reading this, please take a moment or two to say a prayer for the students who attended this past weekend—that they’d remember all that God taught them and that they’d take to heart all of their experiences in real, tangible ways. But also pray that when life gets tough and they’re dragged down from their spiritual mountaintops, God would hold them up and they would know that he is with them always, even in life’s valleys.



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