Extending Grace in a Dark Place

One of the remarkable things about the Bible is that it never shies away from exposing our brokenness. It shows us the ugliest sides of humanity, ugliness that has been with us from the book of Genesis until today. A few weeks ago, Libby looked at the tragic story of […]

Can Sabbath Truly Be Restful?

A friend of mine, Andy, once went on a vacation to Cancun after his first year of medical residency. It was a long awaited and much needed trip. Yet, even as he sat by the beautiful ocean with a glass of margarita in his hand he still found his mind […]

Epiclesis and Loving Communion

During Lent a few years ago, our congregation began celebrating the Lord’s Supper weekly. At last, more than twenty years into our church plant-turned mission-oriented congregation, we became truly Reformed and truly ecumenical, honoring the best wisdom and practice of the global church.  We love the sacrament more and more.  […]

Acts: Inspiring or Discouraging? 1

This summer we’ve been working our way through the Book of Acts as part of our sermon series. We have heard and reflected on this first group of Christians. We have read about healings and miracles and God at work in so many ways. Acts is inspiring and encouraging and […]

Peppermints, Mentos and Communion with Children

Last week some church planters were gathered together in the hospitality house of a New York monastery.  The conversation, like the people gathered, was lively and stimulating.  Most participants arrived knowing each other only tangentially.  We were only beginning to get acquainted.   Even so, joyful banter and word play bounced […]

Framing Epiphany

Our calendars fill with special days. We circle them on our datebook or diary. We set annual reminders on our cell phones. We want to remember birthdays and anniversaries. We love to celebrate New Year’s and Valentine’s, Martin Luther King Jr. and Canada Day, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Or […]

Reflections on Israel 4

Granite Springs Family, It has been a few months since I moved from Northern California and settled into a new city and a new job in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My work as a Pastor of Community and Discipleship at Alger Park Christian Reformed Church has been a real blessing and […]