Sing a New Song: Children’s Choir 2013

Tuesday evening the chairs were set up around the piano, a music packet on each, waiting to be filled with young singers. We waited with eager anticipation for the first car, and then the second, and then the third. Before we knew it the chairs were filled with their singers and we were off playing games, getting to know each other, and learning new songs. It was a wonderful start to our very first Children’s Choir rehearsal!

Open to all kids in 2nd through 5th grade, the Children’s Choir meets on Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm. Our vision is for the choir to be a place for kids to learn about music and share their musical gifts with the community. We will sing a variety of songs, ranging from old classics to hymns to songs that you might hear on the radio. At least once per semester the choir will be involved in leading a service at Granite Springs. The choir will also prepare music for a small concert on December 17 – a time to share the gift of music with friends and family.

If you missed the first rehearsal, it is not too late to join the choir! For the first few months we will be flexible in attendance and allow kids to come to rehearsal for a few weeks before committing to be part of the choir for the rest of the semester. Feel free to come out this Tuesday night at 7pm and invite your friends!

Starting something new is both intimidating and exciting. You don’t quite know what to expect or who’s going to show up. The sense of uncertainty can be unnerving, but the potential for what could happen makes the heart sing.

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