Stranded in Texas

James, Kacey & Kevin in the AirportBy James Bullock

5:10am — My flight left for Dallas.  When we landed, I found out that my plane had landed 45 minutes late, so I ran from Gate A10 to B40. If you know Dallas Fort Worth Airport, you understand what a jog this is.  After running as fast as I could and finding my gate, I was pleased to find my transfer flight was delayed, so I hadn’t missed it like I thought.  I then waited as the airport delayed the flight a total of 14 times for every 30 minute interval. This equals a grand total of 7 hours of delays before I found the flight was cancelled altogether.  I wasn’t given any complimentary hotel for the two nights I was stuck in Texas, so I had to break the piggy bank.

However, this is not a story that ends in sadness.  This became an illustration of the true Church.  Somehow, the parents of our middle and high school students found out about the extra cost I had taken.  Together, they made up the difference as a gift to me!  This is what grace is truly all about, gifts you don’t deserve.  Is it not a big enough gift that these parent allow me to teach their students?  Their children have already blessed me enough!  Right when you think you understand how great the church is, grace shows you how surprising she really is.  Granite Springs is this kind of place where grace moves in real ways. I am blessed to work for a community that shows love in many respects.


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