Thank You from Hannah

My first week here has been a whirlwind! I arrived in Sacramento on Saturday afternoon, was welcomed by Marrissa Sork and was right away introduced to the West coast In-N-Out burgers and fries. On Sunday morning I met many friendly faces at the church and even received a generous gift bag from the church members filled with gift cards and other thoughtful gifts. I felt so welcome! At the Memorial Day picnic at church, I almost went down the blow-up slide as an “initiation,” but they were taking it down soon, so I did not. I just might have to do that later this summer. You all can hold me accountable!

Hannah - Blog     Some highlights of the week are hiking a few times with my wonderful host family, the Finta’s, meeting with the young adult group, playing a game in the parking lot and talking about God and decisions with the high school group and the junior high group, and going to the A’s and Tigers baseball team with the Adams’ and the Bullocks. Kevin and I wore Tigers colors (my Dad would have been disappointed in me if I didn’t), and the rest of the group wore A’s colors. The Tigers won! (Sorry A’s fans, but go Tigers!) Afterward I paid for it though with a nice bright sunburn. Apparently I haven’t been the only intern with an initiation of sunburn the first week!

A huge thanks to all of you who have me feel so welcome! Thank you for the gift bag and thank you to the Leegwaters’ generous offer of allowing me to drive their car, and to the Finta’s for inviting me into their home and lives for five weeks! Thank you all for your prayers! It is so important! And most of all, praise God for His many blessings and His promise to always be there by our side. I am looking forward to what He has in store for me and for Granite Springs this summer!

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