The Lincoln Farmer’s Market by Annamarie Koster

This past Thursday was the first Lincoln Farmer’s Market of the year.  Chan and I had the opportunity to set up a booth for Granite Springs Church.  We had a great spot that was very shady and right next to a Mexican restaurant.  Throughout the night, we were able to talk to many people from the community about Music and Drama Camp, Children’s Ministry, MOPS, and Granite Springs Church in general.  We also had a fun time getting to know Pelusa who was reaching out to the Spanish speakers in the community.  The Farmer’s Market was so much fun and an excellent time for branching out to the Lincoln community.  We are looking forward to being at the Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 5-8pm.  If you would like to join in on the fun and meet new people, please volunteer to sit at the booth or stop by and offer your support!

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