Busy Builders & Granite Kids

← Back to At Granite SpringsEach Sunday (for each service), there are classes for pre-school (Busy Builders) and elementary school children (Granite Kids).

At Granite Springs, we teach children the Gospel message to foster children’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for children to develop their walk with the Lord and friendships with their peers. We want children leaving each Sunday from Granite Kids knowing that God loves them and all their hope, strength, and peace is in Him.

Involving children in the worship service is another aspect of the Granite Springs children’s ministry. Children often help lead worship and recite different Psalms for the Call to Worship during the services each Sunday. We see children as a gift to our community, and want them to be involved. Our desire as the Granite Springs Granite Kids Team is to help families come together and participate in worship together.

One of the Granite Springs Church main children’s events is Music and Drama Camp. This is a week where children learn a musical that is intertwined with the Gospel message and then have a performance for the Lincoln Community. Other children events to keep look out for are Parent’s Night Out, Spring Carnival, Fourth of July Parade, Fall Festival, and Christmas Caroling.

Music & Drama Camp

This summer we’re continuing our tradition of our annual Music & Drama Camp. For more information and to sign up, you can see our event page. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to Marrissa Sork (msork@granitesprings.org).