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Connect 4

Wherever you may be in spiritual journey — whether you are a spiritual rookie, a veteran, or in between — your story matters to the life of Granite Springs.

Connect 4 is a community-based ministry where 4 households are grouped to meet together once a month, from September to December. For each gathering, you will be guided by the leader of your group to talk about specific conversational themes that are aimed at getting to know one another.

First gathering: Share your stories (childhood, interests, family)

Second gathering: Share stories of your experience at Granite Springs Church (how you came, what you had noticed, why you stayed)

Third gathering: Share your spiritual journey (religious background, conversion stories, prayer life)

As a community of God, we will learn together what it means to celebrate our likeness and to appreciate our differences. Whether we are alike or different, God’s grace molds us together as one body! Sign up for next September and join the fun!

Life Together

Life Together is a curriculum-based small group ministry. By walking through a discipleship curriculum, each group will explore what it means to follow Jesus. As a sequel of Connect 4, it meets January through May of every year. Each group meets once a month.

Our vision is to…

Seek the Lord wholeheartedly (Isaiah 55:6-7)

Meet God through his Word expectantly (Psalm 19:7-11)

Rest in grace confidently (Romans 8:37-39)

Life Together is an opportunity to grow together into a life of dependence on God. As you read, reflect and converse with your group, you will learn that you are not the only one whose life is messy and imperfect. Join the group and walk through ups and downs of your life together with brothers and sisters in Christ!

Other Small Groups

Granite Springs has a number of other small groups that meet regularly. If you want more information, fill out your information in the Small Group Sign Up form.

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