Farewell from Hannah

Good Bye for Now

These have been an amazing past 10 weeks. I have grown in confidence and in my gifts and learned a lot about ministry and the church. I have been encouraged by my brothers and sisters in Christ and have made so many wonderful friendships. This church is so welcoming and hospitable. Their love for the Lord is obvious in the way they love and serve each other and the community. I have been blessed in numerous ways to be a part of this church family this summer. Every Sunday I would be asked how I am doing and get to know different members of the church. I got big hugs from the kids last Sunday begging me to come back soon. I have gotten to know wonderful people in the young adult small group and people in the Grace House. The staff embraced me as their own. I have felt so loved and welcomed here. Thank you all so much!

Thank you again to my host families, the Finta family and Jim and Julie Norman. I am so grateful for you opening up your homes and inviting me into your lives. It was joy to live with you! Thank you to Jake and Jan Leegwater for graciously loaning me a set of wheels this summer. It was such a blessing to be able to get around and not having to worry for a ride. Thank you to the staff for supporting, encouraging, challenging, providing opportunities for growth, and mentoring me.

I will cherish the memories that I have had this summer. Through this experience I have definitely feel called to ministry and am excited to continue on this journey and see where God takes me!

Thanks again and good bye for now! May God continue to bless this church richly!


Hannah Outside GS

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