Missions 2015 – Susan Thomas

Susan ThomasFirst of all, I’d like to say how appreciative I am for having been able to go help meet the needs of others & myself.  Nothing more sensitizing then having someone that has little offer it to you. A beautiful Mexican lady, invited me into her home, (some might consider a shack), & insisted I take a pair of her earrings. We are so blessed to have so much! All of us have more than our needs.

I am new to this church, I have learned much about all of you, through Jim, Mike, Sandy and Pelusa. God answered prayers, they greatly represented you & demonstrated God’s consistent, love, kindness & beautiful spirit. I being new felt like one if them, they all watched out for each other & me. I never felt left out.  Your sisters & brothers not only ministered to the ones who needed a home, but to a new one needing a new church family & all they ministered with.

The time knocking in doors, inviting people to church, Vacation Bible School, our block party, and seeing them come, overflowing, knowing God is still alive & we can be too! I could go on & on with details about how God used the children, teenagers, mommies, fathers, mature citizens, professionals, and all one in Christ, all so overwhelming!

Thank you!

Susan Thomas

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