Missions 2016 – Jim Norman

By now, all of our team has probably cleaned our dirty clothes in our washers and dryers. We are taken advantage of the infinite eating choices, either in our fridges, freezers, or local restaurants. Our houses are comfortable with the temperatures set on our a/c to meet our happy zone. Our nice beds have helped to loosen up the tight muscles; no more bumping heads getting in and out. If we want to drive on a dirt road in our air-conditioned car, we probably have to make a real effort to find one.

Yes…. same sort of environment as we left in Mexico.  Well not exactly.

I found that this year, as with last, God had a chance to get my full attention while I was stripped of my normal “support” system. He helped me to see some truly important things: Brothers in Christ know no boundaries; core human needs are the same for all people; we all need each other for Christ’s harmony; our sacrifices, while significant to us, are insignificant compared to real sacrifices such as those by the apostles and the ultimate one from Christ.

I watched the speakers, YUGO volunteers and singers closely this trip and was inspired by their passion. It takes dedication, a serving heart and strong faith to live in Mexico for sometimes years at a time.

I watched those in our group and saw the same passion for the Lord.

I jokingly remarked to some in our group about how easy it is for me to be humble as I have a lot to be humble about. The real joke is that that is not a joke. In the light of God’s purposes, we have everything to be humble about.

I believe I grew in the Lord, met new friends, developed relationships with my traveling companions. I also noticed that I’m more attuned to future missions.

No more tacos for a while.

Jim Norman

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  1. Thanks for your service. People like you make a real difference in the world. Stella & Bob Sherer

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