Our Haiti Experience by Marvin and Sharon Overway

On a recent Thursday in November, aboard a missionary supply airplane service in the Caribbean, provided by Agape Flights, based in Venice Florida, five boxes, containing 183 pillowcase dresses, sewn and sent by Granite Springs Church, arrived in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

The pillow case dresses

The arrival of the dresses coincided with our recent visit  to the Children of the Promise

Orphanage in Haiti, where they were spending three weeks caring 24/7 for a mal-nourished six week old little guy named Marvens.

Part of the pillowcase dresses were distributed to girls at the Children of the Promise.

The other part was shared with Crossroads Ministries, a Haitien run school, church and orphanage located in a barrio on the edge o Cap Haitien that is run by Pastor Blot and is very  much in need of whatever assistance is forthcoming.

The pillowcase dresses, and particularly the panties included with each, were received with much joy and happiness and appreciation. Thank you Granite Springs Church for caring and for doing something about it.

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