Mendy Cluff

Weekly Communion: Too Catholic? 4

By Kevin Adams Each week we come forward. Young and old. Spiritual veterans and rookies. Adolescents walking as if propelled by jet engines or ample caffeine. Seniors teetering on the arms of their married partner or friend of 50 years. It’s the end of our worship service, and time again for […]

Our Haiti Experience by Marvin and Sharon Overway

On a recent Thursday in November, aboard a missionary supply airplane service in the Caribbean, provided by Agape Flights, based in Venice Florida, five boxes, containing 183 pillowcase dresses, sewn and sent by Granite Springs Church, arrived in Cap Haitien, Haiti. The arrival of the dresses coincided with our recent […]

This is China: A teachers experience

国庆节 National Holiday One of the coolest feelings is finishing a class that went well. It’s even better if you weren’t so sure that class was going to go very well. And it’s still even better when you walk out of that class knowing you have a week off!!!!This past week was […]