Soul Talk

Soul Talk is a series of one-on-one spiritual conversations with one of our pastoral staff in which you have the opportunity to explore and deepen your relationship with God, the one who grows joy in us despite our circumstances.

For more information, see the flyer here:


Each theme is a series of three conversations exploring faith and God’s work in your life through these different lenses. See the list below to see which pastoral staff are facilitating which themes. For a fuller description of the themes, see the digital flyer above.

  • Praying Through the Psalms (schedule a time with Kevin or Kyu)
  • Return of the Prodigal Son (schedule a time with Kevin, Matt or Madi)
  • Jesus Questions (schedule a time with Matt or Kyu)
  • Rule of Life (schedule a time with Kevin or Madi)

Schedule a Time

Have a theme you’re interested in exploring? See who is facilitating that theme above and then sign up for a time by clicking the button below. If none of those times work, feel free to reach out to to explore an alternative time.

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