Sam Gutierrez

Reflections on Israel 4

Granite Springs Family, It has been a few months since I moved from Northern California and settled into a new city and a new job in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My work as a Pastor of Community and Discipleship at Alger Park Christian Reformed Church has been a real blessing and […]

Dear Friends: A Letter from Sam 5

Dear Friends, My time at Granite Springs is drawing to a close.  Like I’ve expressed to so many of you, I have mixed emotions.  Of course, there is great joy – Kelly and I are engaged and I’ve moving to Grand Rapids Michigan start our life together.  I’m extremely grateful […]

A Heart Like His: David’s Journey

I find it curious that despite his many flaws David is given a generous title: a man after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14).  One of my favorite questions to ask friends and family at times has been “why is David called – a man after God’s own heart?”  Those […]

Loving God More than Blessings

We are currently in the middle of our summer sermon series, the Call of God, exploring what God’s covenant relationship with Abraham was all about. Before the blessings came, Abraham stepped out in faith and followed God’s call. Similarly, the story of Job shows us another way in which we can […]

Entering Holy Week 1

For the season of Lent, we’ve been reflecting on Psalms that point us to Jesus. The Psalms are considered the prayer book of God’s people. Some of the themes we’ve been encouraged to pray over the past weeks have included – forgiveness, protection, worship, love, and coming home to God’s […]

Why I Believe in Santa Claus 1

Hi.  My name is Sam.  I’m 39 years old… and I believe in Santa Claus. My brother and I discovered at a young age that my parents were the ones who “squeezed their way down our chimney” after we found a plethora of gifts hiding in the back of our […]