Missions 2015 – Michael Hitchcock

Dear Granite Springs,

First I would like to thank God for the opportunity to allow me to be his hands and feet in the mission trip that took form Granite Springs and others local churches. It was a joy to get to know them and their families and to partner and interact, work and live in community doing the work of our Lord and Savior. You as a congregation blessed many people encountered on this precious ministry.

I particularly enjoyed interacting with the children of both the families of the missionaries and the VBS children. One special time that comes to mind is sitting in the church with a small boy coloring and him answering my request to learn things make of “wood’. He pointed in the drawing saying boat.

Children happily received gift cloth bags and pillow dresses then they went out of the church back to their houses in dusty roads.

The biggest reward in building the home was the connection with the beautiful family and Pastor Nicholas as we with our diligent coordinated assembly and communication to bless and be blessed with a house from a concrete foundation to a home dressed and presented with Love and emotional bonds never to be forgotten.

This experience was especially energetic each night with worship of the assimilated churches in the living room at our temporary accommodations of our home away from our homes. The challenges proved to infuse us despite some personal adjustments that God was working to change our lives as he showed how he will always provide “MAS” “more” that is Immeasurable than we think.

By looking forward and changing the lives here at home with this boost of blessing for our future, as the invitation to extend God’s grace to our communities.

Bless and Grace to you all,

Michael HitchcockMichael Hitchcock
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