Matt Timms

Dying to Rise

Easter is a day for feasting and celebration, but it is perhaps even more remarkable because it is not possible without the week that precedes it. Easter depends on betrayal, injustice, and painful prayers. Frankly, it’s a weird thing. For many Christians for a long long time, the season of Lent – the forty or

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Christmas Feasting

My favorite thing about following the church calendar is simple: Christmas gets 12 days. Yes, the 12 Days of Christmas is not just a fanciful song full of lords-a-leaping, and lots and lots of birds. It’s actually part of the way that the church has celebrated Christmas for a longtime – not one day, but

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Lent: Down to Earth

Granite Springs is joining in with churches all around the world to mark the season of Lent. This time in between Epiphany and Easter can be challenging to enter into but our hope is that we can do so together as a community and learn to see God’s movement during these few weeks.  Remember that you

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Why We Celebrate Advent

Granite Springs is joining in with churches all around the world this season to celebrate Advent. We might be clear on why we celebrate Christmas, but the liturgical season of Advent can be a little murkier.    “I can’t believe the store has already put out their Christmas decorations.” You might have heard that before. Or you might

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Worship is Slow

575 mph – the speed of our aircraft flying from California to Grand Rapids. 55 mph – the speed of our rental car making its way to Calvin College for the annual Symposium on Worship. Three main sessions, six workshops/seminars, two plenary sessions, meals, reunions and conversations. All in three days (and that’s just what

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