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Granite Springs 101 & Life of Grace

As we search for a church to call home, we all have questions. That’s why we have Granite Springs 101.

You’ll learn why there’s a huge picture of Rembrandt’s “Return of the Prodigal” in our atrium. You’ll be invited to join us on the journey of becoming a spiritual parent. You’ll learn where Granite Springs Church fits on the “tree” of Christian churches.

Getting to know us doesn’t stop at getting to know our church. Once you have taken Granite Springs 101, We want you to know, live and breathe God’s story of grace more deeply. We want this not because we’re about being “perfect Christians,” but because we believe we are most ourselves when we are most deeply attuned to God’s gracious love.

At Life of Grace, we’ll talk more about God’s story and his great plan for all creation. We think you’ll find it as captivating as we do!

Sign up for the next time we run either of these classes – we run them multiple times throughout the year.

Small Groups

We believe we are most ourselves when we are most deeply attuned to God’s gracious love.

While services may take place on Sunday, we live our lives in the other six days. That’s why Small Groups are an important part of our life together. We have all kinds of different groups – from groups that meet for a season to longer-running networks who support and live together. Learn more here.

Service Opportunities

As we follow Jesus, he calls us to serve. As we serve, we find ourselves stretched and shaped more and more into the people he wants us to be. We have lots of such opportunities at Granite Springs. Find out more about what we do, and always feel free to contact us for more information or to inquire about how to get involved!

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