Every step a prayer…

Walking at Granite Springs

As a church, we are so grateful to have such a beautiful view and we want you to enjoy it! Walk the path, feel free to explore the property, maybe sit with a friend or alone and watch a sunset, offer a prayer. And if you’re interested, we encourage you to check out the labyrinth on the other end of the property as a way to engage the whole body in prayer.

We hope your time on our property can help lower your heart rate and offer some peace in the midst of a chaotic world.

The Prayer Labyrinth
at Granite Springs Church

The labyrinth is an ancient tool for walking prayer that helps to create a space to pause and encounter God’s grace. You can find guides with some helps for walking the labyrinth and an introductory video below, as well as some FAQs.

May your walking be like steps on a pilgrimage, leading us deeper into God’s healing and restorative work as we make every step a prayer.

Labyrinth Guides

While there is no wrong way to walk the labyrinth, it can be helpful to have a tool or guide if you have never done it before. You can access one of our guides below.

Labyrinth FAQs

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