Camino de Santiago

The journey of life has countless twists and turns, hills and wetlands, blind curves and dense fog.

2400 steps/mile * 500 miles = 1,200,000 steps. Every step a prayer.

This summer, Pastor Kevin and Gerry are on pilgrimage in Spain walking the historic Camino de Santiago (“The Way of St. James”). On this page, you’ll be able to view photo and video updates as we receive them as well as download a Psalm devotion to help us accompany them on their journey. They begin Friday, July 1 but you can read and pray along starting at any time. Download the full devotion here:

This map shows part of the journey. Kevin and Gerry will begin at St. Jean Pied de Port near the France-Spain border. The devotional above gives their destination for each day as well. (Map courtesy of Wikipedia.)

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