Pictures of the Cross

New Adult Education series for Lent.

Begins this Sunday during the 9:00a.m. service.


I first fell in love with the cross one Lenten season I spent teaching at a Christian college in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Far from home and alone for the month, I focused my time outside of class reading the gospel accounts of Jesus’ last week on earth.  From that experience was birthed this study where we search the Scriptures that describe the life given to us through the cross – eternal life, to be sure, but also a life filled with victory over our own sinful thoughts, desires, and actions through prayer and intimacy with Jesus.  “Pictures of the Cross” offers us the opportunity to allow these promises of Scripture to become real in our lives.”


Kay Llovio serves as Professor and Chair of the Family & Children’s Ministry program at William Jessup University, a role she has held for twenty years.  Her desire is to impart faith and vision through deepened understanding of the word and experience of its transforming power.

Adult education is a great way to augment your Sunday worship experience.

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