Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013, a set on Flickr. On Christmas day, people from Granite Springs were part of our annual visit to downtown Sacramento to pass out warm items at the Union Gospel Mission and Loaves and Fishes. Check out pictures from our event on flickr.

Flour Wars 2013!

Flour Wars 2013!, a set on Flickr. Have you ever seen a human being covered from head to toe in flour? This past Sunday evening the air was white as Junior High and High School students battled it out with bags of flour. Check out the pictures on flickr!

Music & Drama Camp

Music & Drama Camp 7-23-2013, a set on Flickr. We are over halfway through the camp and have had a wonderful week. The songs and scenes are coming together really well, and we are looking forward to a great rest of the week and performance on Sunday. Check out some […]

GS Youth: Urban Plunge 2013

This past weekend our youth groups had the opportunity to participate in a three-day trip to Sacramento. This was our third annual Urban Plunge Mission Trip and it has become one of the most meaningful parts of our youth programs at Granite Springs. The purpose is to have students experience grace by living in community with one another, […]

More Baptisms and Professions of Faith!

Baptism and High School Graduation 6-2-2013, a set on Flickr. This past year Granite Springs Church received a Worship Renewal Grant to explore baptismal identity. Throughout the year we’ve been reminded of what it means to be baptized and challenged to live into our identity as baptized persons. The past […]

Celebrating Baptism!

Baptism and Membership Sunday May 19, 2013, a set on Flickr. This past Sunday (May 19) we were able to celebrate the baptisms of Taylor and Colton Saukkola, Catherine Carleton, and Evan and Madeline Carleton-Sniff. Enjoy these pictures! On June 2 we will celebrate more baptisms and professions of faith.

Playground picnic

Playground picnic, a set on Flickr. Tuesday was the first day the playground was open. Here’s a few pictures from our Playground picnic. One kid’s report. This playground is 100!!!