What We Believe

About Our Denomination

People from a dazzling tapestry of backgrounds find a home at Granite Springs. Attendees come from almost two dozen countries of origin, dozens more denominational backgrounds, and a great many from the background of “I’ve never been part of a church before and can’t believe I’m part of one now.”

While we feel solidarity with Christians of all continents, languages and backgrounds, our specific Christian accent is “Reformed.” As such we highlight God’s covenant family love, his desire to see all things reconciled through Jesus, his sovereign, gracious rule, and the guiding authority of the Bible.

Our denomination is an intriguing network of churches called the Christian Reformed Church that has a famous offspring named Calvin College and well known Christian thinkers and writers like Nicolas Wolterstorff, Alvin Plantinga, George Marsden, Gary Schmidt, and James KA Smith.

We find freedom in embracing robust, historic Christian faith, expressed in three ancient creeds:

And in our favorite historic confession:

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