Church Planting

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We believe the planting of new congregations is the most effective strategy to renew cities and individual people. Nothing else — not outreach programs, parachurch ministries, growing megachurches, congregational consulting, or church renewal processes — has as consistently a positive impact as dynamic church planting. So a well respected missiologist like C. Peter Wagner says, “Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.” (See this article by Timothy Keller for more of the “why” behind church planting.)

Consider a city like Stockton, which is consistently in the bottom ten worst places to live in the United States. When we hear that we think, “We should plant a church there to aid in the renewal of that city” and so we have through the work of Rev. Martin Sisneroz.

Since 1997, these are some of the churches we have partnered with by sharing our people, our money, our experience, and our prayers:

Locality – West Roseville, California

Braden Kok, 2016

Open Door Community Church — Stockton, California

Martin Sisneroz, 2012

Christ Church of Davis – Davis, California

Eric Dirksen, 2008

Sacramento City Life – Midtown Sacramento, California

Marc Holland, 2004

Solomon’s Porch – El Dorado Hills, California

Derek Zeyl, 2004

Bridge of Life – South Natomas, California

David Lindner, 2002

The Gathering – North Natomas, California

Ron Vanderwell, 2001

River Rock Church – Folsom, California

Tim Blackmon, 1999

Heartland Church – Tracy, California

Mark Humphreys, 1998

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