Missions 2016 – Jim Baughn

First, I want to thank Granite Springs Church for adopting me & allowing me to participate in your Mexico Mission. Second, I want to commend Pelusa for organizing one of the best run missions I’ve ever been on. Finally, what a blessing & pleasure serving with all of you in Ensenada. We did wonderful things down there. God’s Kingdom is better off because of your dedication & sacrifices.

When someone asks “How did you see God working,” you almost want to say “How didn’t we see God working”. God was working when He assembled our family. Look at the iterations we went through with folks joining then having to drop out. With Joyce & Dan joining late to fill out what was a very harmonious, well-staffed, effective team. Almost any group of bodies could have built the Mexico house. But not just any group could have spent almost 24/7 together for 10 days and remained such close spiritual warriors. I believe God handpicked every person on our team. God was with us.

God was with us every step of our travel down, travel in Ensenada & travel back. How many accidents did we see on our travels. God was with us.

God was with us on the work site. We all came home with all our fingers, no broken bones, no significant sicknesses. God was with us.

And finally, we all know that our Mexican family was blessed, but WE are also the ones that are truly blessed. We got to do God’s work & got to use hammers & saws. Wahoo!! We met a ton of great new friends. We worshiped God in a different culture. There are unknown numbers of people who saw the love of God because we didn’t hide our lamp under a bushel while we were down there. People in Ensenada had no doubt that they were in the company of Christians. And that may be just the opening the Holy Spirit was looking for. God was with us.

There was simply not a single moment that God was not with us.

Thank you all again for being my new friends.

To God’s Glory,

– Jim Baughn

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