Missions 2016 – Sandy Boschert

I have been to Ensenada maybe four times in my life—the first two visits being a passenger on a cruise ship.  It was on one of these trips that I saw the shantytowns that people were existing in.  People were finding scraps of cardboard or metal—anything they could piece together to form a shelter.  Those collections of odds and ends became their homes.

Years later when I returned here for my first missions trip, I saw a small community of tiny homes among the lean-tos, like a flower blooming between the cracks in a sidewalk.  We were making a difference in Ensenada.

This happened because someone way back when made him or her-self available to God.  Who knew that, just by making a choice, a choice to say “yes” to God, that so much would be accomplished?

Now we do not have to travel to a far-off country to make a difference.  However, it does start with a choice.  Will I—will you—say “yes” to God.

– Sandy Boschert

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  1. Thank you Sandy for the comments and encouragement for all of us to say “yes” to God’s voice and call.

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